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Social Isolation “To do” list

1. Stay Connected

Now more than ever your customers want to hear from you! They want to know how you are, how your business is and how they can help. Communicate with them regularly, present ways in which they can support an engage with you. Use mail chimp, social media or pick up the phone and have a chat.

On that matter, as we all need to adapt to WFM (Working from home) here are some handy tools for staying connected to your team when you’re working remotely…

2. Diversify your service offering

Businesses have been forced to make critical decisions for their survival and identify new opportunities maintain income. Can you deliver your products and services in a different manner? Are their more online opportunities for your business? Can you extend your product offering or make it adaptable to the current climate?

3. Manage cash flows

Many small businesses have lost a large portion of their regular profit. In light of that prepare for the next few months by forecasting and investigating assistance available to you. The Government has announced several rounds of stimulus packages to prop up business through this economic downturn.

Get in contact with your Accountant to help you navigate your way through what is on offer and what you are entitled to.

4. Risk assessment

Use this experience to write new policies around workplace health and safety, preventing the spread of disease.

5. Business planning

How often have you said “I am too busy running my business to have time to work ON my business”? – be careful what you wish for, forced downtime is the perfect opportunity to revisit your business plan and put in place strategies for future growth.

6. Ramp up your social media

With such a large portion of the population in lockdown, it is a great opportunity to reach your customer base on social media and connect with potential new customers.

7. Training

Now is a great time to enrol in online training programs and courses, up-skill, learn what you can, and share knowledge.

Business helping business

There are a number of things you can do to help out other businesses throughout this period…

  1. Online reviews – go online and leave a positive review for other businesses, doesn’t cost you anything – just your honesty and good vibes
  2. Use your social media channels to give other businesses a shout-out
  3. Buy gift vouchers – purchase vouchers now for services you can’t use now but will use later – will help businesses get some cashflow while they’re unable to trade
  4. Order a home delivery or takeaway with restaurants and cafes only able to offer takeaways and deliveries, take a night off cooking for your family and order out.

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