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Top three reasons why you should maintain your website

1. Security

One of the top reasons for website maintenance is security. When using an open source CMS like WordPress, there are changes being made to the platform on a daily basis to protect your site and ensure it remains secure and free from hackers.

2. Keep your customers up to date

Website body updates are essential to both engaging new customers and retaining existing customers. Your business is continually changing with the times, it’s important to keep your clients updated with your business movements, not to mention it will help improve your Google ranking.

3. Poor user experience

Site updates provide new features and functionality to your website. Think of your website as your phone, your always making updates to your phone to get the latest and greatest features. Why wouldn’t you want that for your website? These features often result in better website speeds, user experience and overall improvement on your Google ranking.

Maintenance is a vital part of any website, keeping it secure, healthy and performing well. Just hosting your website isn’t enough, it’s all about keeping up with security updates, keeping your body fresh and encouraging traffic growth.

A poorly maintained and neglected website will become vulnerable to hackers and potentially loose you customers.

Show your website some regular love and reap the rewards by keeping on top of updates and keeping the body fresh. Get in touch if you want to find out more about our website maintenance packages.

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