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Joining the Upcycling Trend

In a world where content is king, businesses are under pressure to keep their content fresh, relevant, and interesting for their audience. What if the answer to doing this is in upcycling?

What is upcycling you ask?

Upcycling content takes elements of your original content and expands on them to create brand new pieces that can be shared across different platforms, styles, and media. Upcycling is not recycling.

As small to medium size businesses your messaging and service provision often stays the same throughout the year. You need to tap into marketing platforms to share your messaging, most importantly creating consistency by reinforcing your core messaging.

Let’s explore how you can upcycle content to present to your audience, with the right tone of fresh and informative.


Choose one of your core business offerings and elaborate how the service or process unfolds, using the same graphic or linking posts to create activity and notifications for past engagers as well as attracting new.


Give a real-life example, offer a case study on a service offering and make it relatable. This is a creative way to introduce service synergy and showcase what you have to offer. Don’t be road blocked if you can’t think of a recent case study, use hypotheticals or analogies to explain your business in action.


This is a great way to show how your business gets results. Use a service and expose its growth over the year or months. This will look differently for each business, and could touch on physical growth of the business (bums on seats), growth of a product or service diversification, growth of output, growth of knowledge etc. Try piggy backing off past posts, and reshare with your latest update.


Last, but not least, collect testimonials. Testimonials are without a doubt the most valuable pieces of content, they essentially provide word of mouth marketing across digital platforms. Collect and share testimonials, whenever and wherever you can. Use the same graphic or template when posting testimonials to create recognition and consistency. Testimonials require low input in regard to content creation and often yield high attraction.

We can’t wait to see you put these upcycling techniques in use to promote your business in a new light, whilst maintaining core messaging consistency.

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