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At present there is a lot of hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and it’s increasing use in all facets of our life. What has caught my eye recently is the use of AI in design and more creative solutions. I have seen amazing digital images that have been created using AI and have even dabbled with using AI myself for some web design concepts.

But for me, as a designer there is something missing, something that only the human mind can capture.

For years people have been trying to put creativity in a box but with little success. The human mind is very powerful, and it can be even more powerful when in creative mode. The ability to think laterally, sometimes on your feet, and to come up with creative solutions is unique to humans.

Alan Robinson & Sam Stern in their book Corporate Creativity recite many examples of creative solutions. One that stuck in my mind was about Japan Railways East who were having issues with water whilst building tunnels through Mount Tanigawa. The engineers were looking at ways to drain the water when a maintenance worker suggested the water was so good, they should bottle it. This was the inspiration for Japan Railways East move into the beverage market, creating new opportunities, that has now become a multi-million dollar business for them.

There is no denying the role of AI in all aspects of our lives and that it will only get better with increased exposure and learning. So too is the inevitability of the role AI will play in the creative industries.

The one thing we should never under estimate is the power of the human creative mind and the importance of continuing to foster it. By encouraging creative thinking, we can harness solutions that don’t initially present themselves.

Creativity is at the very core of what we do and fuels our passion. While there is no doubting the role AI will play in our future lives, it’s our ability to let our creative minds run free, to find creative solutions for everyday situations, that makes us unique.

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